Review: Women in Sustainability


AHK Sustainability Series

As part of the AHK Sustainability Series – On the Road to COP28, we hosted the session Women in Sustainability at the headquarter of talabat in Dubai. It was a very vibrant session where we discussed not only the role and impact of women in sustainability-related topics, we also elaborated on the challenges companies are facing while implementing sustainability measures. Women are advancing in sustainability much faster than in other business areas. They excel in SCO leadership positions often because they bring the "feminine" strengths such as the ability to collaborate, convey complex issues in accessible way and demonstrate humility. Oliver Oehms, CEO of the AHK and Sabine Krafzel Khourdaji, Chairwoman of the AHK Business Women Forum, welcomed the guests and the key note speaker H.E. Sybille Pfaff. Pfaff provided a comprehensive overview of Germany’s feminist foreign policy and emphasized on the importance to link gender equality with climate action strategies. Statistically women are more affected by climate-related problems, but at the same time they offer a huge potential and leadership to solve them. Leaving them out in climate talks is holding us back tackling the climate crisis. Our panel consisted of experts in sustainability and ESG: Adrienne Doolan, Dimitra Theodoropulos, Esther Dahmen. They approached the topic from different perspectives: as corporate organization, investor and entrepreneur. Lastly, we were delighted to welcome two female students of Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation who presented their very innovative and inspiring projects on sustainability. 

Many thanks to Nataliya Wiedemeyer PMP®, ACC for being in excellent moderator of our panel.

Special thanks to talabat for being kind host of our event.