Transport & Logistics

Transportation and logistics infrastructure is the key basis for economic development as well as for diversification. The UAE is heavily investing in completing its five-star infrastructure system and major infrastructure projects have been announced throughout the country - as well as in other GCC countries - to support the region’s economic development plans and objectives over the next several years.

Opportunities for German companies include all modes of transportation infrastructure, including rail, shipping, and air and cover project requirements associated with developments in other sectors such as oil and gas.


The Transport & Logistics Committee is addressing companies in the Transport and Logistics Sector, which is one of the most vibrant sectors in the UAE. It will concentrate on what has to be done collectively by both the "users" and "providers" of transportation infrastructure and logistics services to improve economic productivity, international competitiveness and quality of life. The Committee provides information, education, and networking opportunities that enable AHK members to remain at the forefront of industry topics.

Komitee Chairman

Arash Mirzaei, DB International GmbH, Abu Dhabi