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Bavaria as a holiday destination

Welcome to Bavaria – Germany’s number 1 holiday destination! Bavaria is ideal for any traveler! It is home to the majestic Alps, lovely lakes, mystic forests, sunny wine yards, and Neuschwanstein, the world’s most famous castle. You can find both Germany’s highest mountain- the Zugspitze- and the internationally known Oktoberfest! For nature lovers, there are countless routes to explore Bavaria, including Romantic Road, Mountain Road, and the German Alps Road. For those who like a metropolitan city full of history, the capital of Bavaria, Munich, is a perfect choice. Munich is considered the Heart of Europe and full of respect for the past and excitement for the future. Bavaria is also a great link to other wonderful parts of Germany and all of Europe as it borders Switzerland, Austria, and the Czech Republic. All of these reasons make Bavaria an amazing location for the 26 millions guests that come annually.

Top Five Things to do in Bavaria

  1. Munich- the beautiful gateway to the Alps and home to the annual Oktober fest
  2. Neuschwanstein Castle
  3. Old Town Nuremberg
  4. Romantic Road 261 mile long scenic drive through Bavaria
  5. Bavarian Forest

Bavaria is also home to 5 of the World’s best Hospitals: University of Munich Hospital, Rhoen-Klinikum AG, Grosshardern, Rechts der Isar, and Asklepios Klinikum Bad Abbach.

Bavaria is also home to numerous 1st class hotels: ranging from well-known chains to boutique bed and breakfasts.

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