Banking & Finance

Sectorial Overview

Since mid-2000 the UAE, and in particular Dubai, has  established itself as the regional financial center  and  banking hub in the Middle East, a position which in the past decades was held by Beirut and, more recently, Bahrain. Dubai’s status as an international banking center derives from its large center for re-exports, extremely good financial and communications infrastructure and high political stability.

A number of German banks have set up shop in the UAE to capitalize on corporate banking flows between the Gulf state and Europe, as well as delve into wealth management and Shariah-banking business.

Download an overview of the Banking & Finance Sector in the UAE.


Actively participate in UAE and German banking and financial system development and promote high quality standards and values. Support and develop initiatives of governments and local banking associations and financial institutions towards establishment of local banking environment harmonized with the best international banking and financial practices.

Initiating partnering and cross-border investment in the banking and financial sectors.

Another major task of this committee will be to help create the necessary framework and environment, identify the opportunities and build a platform, where potential partners can meet and make deals.


Committee Chairman:    N/A

AHK Committee Officer: Daniela Calligaro


Information regarding the next meeting of the committee will follow soon.

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January - June 2011
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Past Activities

The founding meeting of the committee took place on Monday, 28th March 2011.

Topics discussed:

  • The AHK and Dubai Exports initiative on Islamic Finance in Germany
  • The political crisis in the Middle East and its repercussions on the Gulf capital markets