Qatar Tender Alert: TASMU Smart Qatar Program

The Ministry of Transport and Communication in Qatar has announced following tender opportunities that are open for international as well as local companies

Smart Qatar Advisory Board

Under the patronage of the Prime Minister, HH Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasser Bin Khalifa Al Thani, the Smart Qatar Program (TASMU) was launched.

TASMU is a digital response to the goals in the National Vision 2030, where the aim is to “transform Qatar into an advanced society capable of achieving sustainable development". The program is about harnessing technology and innovation to improve quality of life and help drive economic diversification. Delivering on the Smart Qatar mandate requires digital transformation across the national priority sectors (Transport, Logistics, Environment, Healthcare, and Sports), and implementation of smart services to address the challenges faced by the citizens, residents and visitors of Qatar.

Smart Qatar Platform

The deployment of these smart services requires implementing the Smart Qatar Platform. This national platform has the objective to ensure the availability of technology foundations, key common enabling services, and national data to facilitate the development of smart services across the priority sectors. The Smart Qatar Platform design is based on a hybrid or ‘platform of platforms’ concept, balancing the need for centralization of specific capabilities and decentralization of others.

Smart City Platform Expert

Our ambition is to collaborate with the world’s leading smart city programs. For that reason we would be delighted if you could connect us with leadership team of Smart City programs. We would be honored if we could explore the opportunities to exchange experience and identify potential areas for collaboration. One of the topics that would have our key focus is knowledge exchange with one of your smart city platform experts.

Omar Shaath – Email: Phone: +974 55339229

TASMU Digital Valley-

MoTC Vendor Registration TASMU - Smart Qatar Program- aims to improve the quality of life of our citizens and help diversify the economy by harnessing the power of technology and innovation. In line with QNV 2030, TASMU aims to increase access to quality health care for the population, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, promote an active state of sport with increased female participation, and facilitate people's mobility through safe, environment-friendly transport and the network. Pushing sustainable consumption of natural resources, and improving food and water security. TAMSU has identified 107 cases to address the needs mentioned earlier.

Kindly find attached the suggested list of TASMU projects.

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 To: Ministry of Transport & Communication

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