Baden-Württemberg unveils Expo 2020 pavilion

The southern German state of Baden-Württemberg has revealed the design for its pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, which will feature a cold air lake and artificial mist.

This marks the first time that the German state, which is home to the headquarters of several automobile producers such as Daimler and Porsche, has participated in a World Expo. The Baden-Württemberg House, as the pavilion will be known, will showcase the region's engineering prowess and future-shaping technologies, as well as its collaborative efforts to generate smart, sustainable solutions. It will be located in Expo 2020's Opportunity District.

Dr Florian Stegmann, state secretary and head of the State Chancellery in the State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg, said: "Baden-Württemberg is proud to be part of Expo 2020 Dubai. With the pavilion, the Baden-Württemberg House, we will show a global audience the exceptional innovativeness of our region and the latest smart and sustainable solutions."

The Baden-Württemberg House concept was collectively created by VON M, Knippers Helbig, and Transsolar. The Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Engineers are responsible for the Baden-Württemberg House, and have set up a project company to operate and manage it. The building will be financed by a select number of companies from Baden-Württemberg. Experts from the design team explained that the pavilion is a symbol of how many players in Baden-Württemberg are working together towards the future, and generating powerful solutions to meet the challenges that lie ahead. Under the body of the building, there is a 'cold air lake', which was developed to represent Baden-Württemberg's identity. After entering the premises, visitors can literally immerse themselves in the lake, which is made visible with an 'innovation cloud' - an artificially created layer of mist.

Daniel Strowitzki, deputy director Baden-Württemberg House, noted that the state of Baden-Württemberg has a lot of very unique stories to tell. "We felt that the state deserved to be present at the event because its has a lot of hidden champions that the world will be delighted to see. The design of the pavilion is very unique and we feel that it will definitely be among the top twenty pavilions at the event. One of the main things that we want visitors to take away after having visited our pavilion is the idea that innovation can actually be very simple; it should not only be linked to technology. We are certain that visitors that come to our pavilion will leave after having updated their minds and energised with lots of new ideas."

Strowitzki also revealed that there are plans to retain the pavilion after the event and have it moved to a different location in Dubai, where it will "continue to inspire."

Describing the Baden-Württemberg House as "a symbol of success", Najeeb Mohammed Al Ali, executive director, Dubai Expo 2020 Bureau, said: "Expo 2020 is proud to showcase the best of regional economies and their ability to make a global impact. Baden-Württemberg's strength has been significantly shaped by focusing on both the global and the local, something that Expo 2020 aims to capture too."


Author: Rohma Sadaqat
Khaleej Times
Date: March 28, 2019