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AHK Sustainability Forum


Workshop on “Integrating the SDGs into Core Business Strategies”

Stakeholders are actively seeking solutions to global challenges in climatechange and improving collaboration on critical issues to address gaps in global governance. They aim to reaffirm commitments such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), while working towards a stronger multilateral system that can have a positive impact on people's lives. Despite efforts, the latest SDG Progress Report shows that only 15% of targets are on track.

Sponsored by KROHNE, the German Emirati Joint Council for Industry & Commerce (AHK) organized the first event of the AHK Sustainability Forum in 2024, aimed at bringing the SDGs to life for the SME community. The workshop on “Integrating the SDGs into Core Business Strategies” is part of the previously called AHK Sustainability Series - On the Road to COP28.

Oliver Oehms, the CEO of AHK welcomed the participants by emphasizing that collaboration and partnerships between the private sector and government are important to achieve the net zero.

Andreas feil, First Secretary for Climate, Energy & Environment at the German Embassy, highlighted the importance of SDGs as a business moral imperative. Germany has been focusing on SDGs such as sustainable consumption and production, promoting employee health, combating climate change, achieving economic growth alongside sustainability, and conserving natural resources. The government has invested 212 billion euros to boost industry transformation towards climate goals.

Jamila El Mir, Senior Advisor to the UN Climate Change High-Level Champion, highlighted the role of the Champion in driving meaningful change in both NGOs and private sectors. She emphasized not get overwhelmed by the various reporting schemes available and to focus on starting the journey.

Jay Gadhavi from KROHNE shared industry insights on their efforts in PEP carbon assessments and eco-design rules for sustainability. KROHNE is seeking support to further their sustainability journey through initiatives like the IRENA Alliance for Industry Decarbonization.

Workshop facilitators Adrienne Doolan, Anne Marie Drud Thodsen, and Rach ElGolli discussed the importance of partnerships in pushing for supply chain revolution and increasing awareness of SDGs. They advised to align SDGs with business KPIs and to involve all stakeholders in order to cover different perspectives and join forces on the journey to a more sustainable future.