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The UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman are dynamic markets with growth potential. Precisely because of the country-specific characteristics of the region, competent advice pays off. In addition to market entry services such as address research, business partner mailing or brokerage, the Business Development Department also provides market information such as the preparation of comprehensive market surveys or product-related market information. Convince yourself of our services and benefit from our many years of experience in the local markets.


I want to establish a company in the UAE. What are the basic regulations?

The UAE has become an excellent business and transit hub for the entire region. The laws and regulations are among the most liberal and attractive in the entire Gulf region. In addition to easier accessibility and local contact, a branch office offers many other advantages, such as: participation in local tenders is often only possible for locally based companies. Many of the big project developers prefer to source their products through local distributors. For a brief summary of the most important information regarding establishing a company in the UAE, please click here

What do I need to know to invest in the UAE?

I want to export my products to the United Arab Emirates. What are the UAE Customs regulations?

The unification of the customs regulations and procedures in the GCC Member States is one of the most important objectives to be achieved by the customs administrations of the GCC Member States among which is the adoption of a “Common Customs Law” that unifies the customs procedures in all the customs administrations of the GCC Member States and contributes to the enhancement of cooperation in the customs field among the Member States. Please find the Unified Customs Tariffs for GCC States 2017 


In UAE, the Federal Customs Authority (FCA) draws the customs policies, supervises the execution of customs-related laws and legislation and represents the UAE inside and outside the state. Local customs departments do the executive work and draw the customs policies for each emirate in compliance with the Common Customs Law.  

For further information on UAE customs regulations, please view the

Dubai Customer Guide and the Suspended Customs Duty.



Which goods fall under the restricted import category?

Prohibited goods are the goods which are banned in the United Arab Emirates as per the provisions of Unified Customs Law of the GCC countries or any other law.

Restricted goods are the goods the import or export of which is restricted under the provisions of the Unified Customs Law of the GCC countries or any other law. Since such type of goods need a prior approval from the competent authorities before importing, the importer shall refer to such appropriate government bodies to obtain the approvals necessary for the goods to be imported.

A complete list of restricted & prohibited goods can be found here.

What is the procedure for importing food products into the UAE?

In order to import food products to the UAE, several certificates must be submitted to comply with local quality standards. In addition to the general import document such as bill of lading, packaging list etc., other documents are required. These obligatory documents for the import of food are the health care certificate which guarantees the hygienic standards of the product and for meat a special halal certificate that confirms the process of production according to Islamic rules. Another important fact when importing foods is the correct labeling. Labels should be non-removable and must contain all the important information of both the product and the producing company. Dubai Municipality has published following information about food import.

How can I register cosmetic products for the import into the UAE?


When importing goods from one country to another, different conditions apply because of special regulations for ingredients and duties. To access a link to a list of each steps of importing cosmetic products to the UAE please click here.

I want to have information about investing in Dubai.

For further information about investing in Dubai please have a look at the investment guide published by Dubai’s Foreign Investment Office.

I want to rent office space or personal accommodation in Dubai. What are the rates for residential property and office space?

Rents in Dubai have undergone tremendous fluctuations the past few years. In addition to the impact of the crisis, also several new residential and commercial property projects have been completed and released onto the market recently. The surplus of property available is therefore high and prices consequently negotiable.

The following files will give you an overview of the current rent situation in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the Northern Emirates both for commercial and residential property



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