Education & Training


The Education & Vocational Training Committee provides a forum for AHK members in the training and education business to interact and address industry issues and needs. It serves as a resource base for sharing information through events and programs about the latest in training and development methods for training companies, academic institutions, and corporations. The Education & Training Committee provides information and networking opportunities for all AHK members who have interest in this field.


Within the frame of the AHK education and vocational committee representatives of German companies met on the 22nd of January 2017. The main focus of this meeting was to exchange experiences and discus opportunities for the German vocational education model. Guester speaker Mrs. Gisela Bauroth from Simson Private Akademie (SPA), a training provider for vocational education presented the status quo of her current activities. Currently her company is training Emirati students in the UAE as well as supporting a three year vocational program for Emiratis in Germany. Within that framework a cooperation with German companies based in the UAE and their opportunities in the local market was discussed. 

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